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SONKAR ISITMA VE SOGUTMA SISTEMLERI TARIM PETROL GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Cooling System, Cooler, Refrigerator, Cold Storage Panel, Water Cooler, Cold Storage Door, Refrigerating System, Fish Refrigerator
ECO COLD SOGUTMA SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Chest Freezer, Bottle Cooler, Display Cabinet, Display Contours, Vertical Cooler, Horizontal Cooler, Freezer, Commercial Refrigeration
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On the initiative of Seyda Yuce Yalcin, BuzRefrigeration company located in Konya Industry Area began to serve refrigeration sector with the products of commercial refrigerators, industrial cooling systems, cold rooms, shop and market equipments and heat exchangers. Having developed its portfolio in a short time BuzRefrigeration has delivered its service quality to all over the world, mainly Israel, England, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, Germany.
PROSO Professional Cooling is your “Solution Partner” in offering of integrated systems projects applied to cooling systems, cold rooms and refrigerated display cabinets, including pre-project training, consulting service, system design and production, selection of equipments-technologies and energy saving applications services. It also provides maintenance, supply of spare parts, installation and remodeling services using its experience and knowledge for more than 20 years, in the way of getting total satisfaction of its customers. In line with constantly evolving technologies, PROSO Professional Cooling continues its efforts to follow and implement the latest developments in the refrigeration sector according to the new requirements of the market. Beyond products selling, our company policy is to assess customer’s needs and provide “turkey projects” with the appropriate solution and the most reasonable cost. PROSO Professional Cooling aims to become a reference regarding combination and submission of superior quality products according to the standards and a concept of advanced service, meeting the customer demand. This remains the indispensable principle of the company.
Erdemler Sogutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district, it is one of the distinguished companies of the market with its quality products by targeting the firsts in the cooling sector in 2000. Today, we are producing products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technology to the leading companies in the field both in domestic and abroad projects in the Kahramankazan district of Ankara, about 15,000 m2 of area with its 7000 m2 closed area and 8000 m2 open area production facility,more than 15 years. Erdemler Sogutma Inc.'s largest target is being an excellence in quality, and giving unlimited satisfaction to the customers. In our production facility, we are carrying out Cold Storage Panel Manufacturing, Cold Storage Door Manufacturing, and Monoblock Production of Refrigeration Units, Production of Split Type Cooling Units, Industrial-Type Cooling Manufacture of Groups, Production of Shocking Units and also contracting projects is also made by our company starting from the projecting phase. We also provide services like; installation and maintenance services for the products are manufactured by our company.
Our company was established within the principles of quality products, engineering services, innovative designs, environmental devices and happy customers in 2009. Although ETS MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI is a young establishment, company has got experiences of ERDEM TEKNIK SOGUTMA LTD. STI. which was established in 1988. Performing flexible production system (Just In Time) for each customer demands in project based works, our company easily meets specific customer requirements with this way. Projects which are realized with professional management and working staff are delivered in a short time. Emergency service needs of our customers are met with our mobile service operations and our professional technical staff. Production – Marketing – After Sales Services compose our main activity structure. Our products and services are under guarantee. Continuously increasing quality of our products and projects by following recent technology with professional enginners in our quality management and R&D departments is one of our main principles.
As Imas, we provide innovative products and solutions in the field of cooling, air conditioning and ventilation for commercial, industrial and corporate buildings and residences. We combine our specialty on air conditioning, our experience and global vision with the technology and engineering in order to improve the air quality presented where our customers work or live and our product’s quality in production process. Through our experience on manufacturing and marketing for half century, we have been the inventor of many first studies and the pioneer, implementer of innovative ideas. In our modern factory located in Izmir, we keep manufacturing air and water cooled split and package type air conditioning units, open/closed type water cooling towers with radial/axial fan, fan-coil units, special type air conditioning systems, precision air conditioners, water chillers, unit heaters and air conditioning plants and ventilation cells. Our company which is among the leading facilities of our country with regard to its world class technology and abilities also became one of the rare companies that are able to manufacture wide range of products in air conditioning sector. We get into international partnerships in air conditioning sector in order to fulfill the expectations and needs of our customers. Moreover, we keep up with the changing necessity of our era and we contribute directly to the progress of our customers via innovative and technological products with the world brands of which we are the distributor, Nicotra Gebhardt and Bluebox. As Imas, while using the latest technologies around the world, we take our services to the highest level and keep growing with our principles targeting quality, stability, success and service enthusiasm.
As a follow up of Italian Mondial-Framec Group, Ecocold founded in 2012, has determined quality criteria as its priority, simultaneously our brand is aware of the importance of the visuality and perceive quality. Ecocold products which all components manufactured conform to European Standards, offers the quality and visuality at presentation of your products as well as it offers high efficiency and low power consumption advantages in refrigeration industry. Ecocold products reduce operating expenses of its customers with low energy consumption and high quality with eco friendly products. Our aim is to offer efficient, elegant, excellent quality and ecofriendly products to our customers. Ecocold is producing several type of commercial refrigerators for the biggest retailer and leading FMCG companies. Focused on plug-in refrigeration, Ecocold has a wide product portfolio for chest freezers and bottle coolers. Ecocold provides solid solutions in refrigeration & food storage in positive temperatures, negative temperatures or both in the same time. Many different sizes and design of freezers, display cabinets and bottle coolers are available. We believe on the customization based on customers requirement, hence Ecocold product portfolio widen every day. Targeting a sustainable growth and being able to provide full service with a qualitative relations with it's customer, Ecocold is not only a supplier but also a solution partner. Ecocold become strategic partner of it’s customer and create values. Even if our business is b2b, Ecocold is conscious of the fact that our products are the interface between our customer and the end-customer, so we act as b2c supplier. Being aware of the importance of perceived quality, on the top of it’s functional features our display refrigerators provides a unique aspect in order to promote our customers products.
Sonkar Cooling was founded by Hayrettin CAKMAK in the early 90s. For more than 20 years, we have been serving in almost all areas of the Cooling sector. BASIC VALUES AND TARGETS • Customer happiness • Low Energy Consumption • Quality • Fast Service and Timely Delivery • High-Quality Products and Services • Correct Information • Efficiency • Smooth Operation and Minimum Maintenance Cost • A Clean and Liveable World with Nature-Friendly Products
We do all refrigeration systems, repair, and initial installation and maintenance of the project sales activities that are currently in use. Our company is aware of the importance of continuity and thus, to ensure the efficiency of the cooler is always fast and professional response to the quality of the customer service centers are willing to choose and invest in after-sales service. We also copper pipes turnkey projects, the site works. The goal is to provide fast and efficient customer service. All cooling devices used in the automotive and food industry refrigeration industry are the areas of specialization. Customer service or spare parts requests write to the address. A system failure is unpredictable. But the company is. With years of experience and good services in the region related to the cooling devices, we can guarantee quick response and repair. You can reach the company Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week three days a year.
Competence is important in the design and construction of refrigeration equipment. Alfa Sogutma is one of the strong, dynamic and innovative companies in our country. Our company has over 25-year experience of professional refrigeration equipment, cold rooms split chillers, display cabinets. Our highly qualified specialists have extensive knowledge in the following areas. Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Room Doors, Spare Parts are other product groups that we supply to our customers.